I didn’t spend much time in the capital, except to find Brad and DD, do a little walking around, and grab some food. I got in late morning, just in time for lunch. From the airport to the city to find them was very easy to navigate. The train costs 1500 yen, or about $15, and was about an hour long to the central station, which was packed with people. From there, we walked down just a few blocks to have some sandwiches (no Asian, yet!).

IMG_20141020_211809382_HDR IMG_20141020_211817104

Tired & disheveled, but ready for an adventure.

IMG_20141020_211937669 IMG_20141020_212356032_HDRIMG_20141020_214326973_HDR

My backpack that held my life for the next two months, came to check in weighing about 30 pounds.


1 US Dollar equals
120.69 Japanese Yen

IMG_20141020_212728209We headed back to the station to board the bullet train to Kyoto. We discovered that their vending machines sell more than just your typical drinks and snacks, but also beer and ramen.


Since we would be only going one way from Tokyo, it didn’t make sense to purchase Japan Rail (JR) Pass, but instead just buy individual tickets for each ride we did as we traveled. If you’re staying and traveling to more cities, the JR Pass (about $300) is worth the buy.

Japan Map



We arrived in Kyoto about an hour later.  IMG_20141021_015207743IMG_20141021_015542877


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