京 Kyō

I had the pleasure of spending Tuesday night through Sunday morning in this cultural and beautiful part of Japan. Kyoto is known for its history, scenery, temples and shrines scattered around the city. It is an area of Japan that appreciates and holds on to tradition, family, and seems almost impervious to change.

IMG_20141022_183627246 IMG_20141022_182600442 IMG_20141022_181754790_HDR IMG_20141022_192828927IMG_20141024_231905830 IMG_20141024_083646709IMG_20141024_062346476 IMG_20141024_062329992 IMG_20141024_062309818 IMG_20141023_233744975 IMG_20141023_233047060_HDRIMG_20141023_200629924IMG_20141022_213859821_HDR IMG_20141022_213824107 IMG_20141022_204602993IMG_20141022_195243500_HDR IMG_20141022_195038734 IMG_20141022_194242085


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