Wimpole Estate

This lovely estate flowing with parks, gardens and elegant homes is located in Cambridgeshire and allows for a day of walking around to check out some beautiful English countryside views.

2428_623426291633_6623_n 2428_623426301613_6864_n 2428_623426311593_7117_n 2428_623426321573_7352_n 2428_623426331553_7599_n“Fake” castle in the distance. 2428_623426341533_7849_n 2428_623426346523_8098_n 2428_623426356503_8362_n 2428_623426361493_8629_n 2428_623426366483_8896_n 2428_623426371473_9164_n 2428_623426386443_9748_n 2428_623426391433_14_n 2428_623426396423_279_n 2428_623426401413_547_n 2428_623426406403_815_n 2428_623426411393_1097_n 2428_623426421373_1379_n 2428_623426426363_1671_n 2428_623426431353_1957_n 2428_623426436343_2242_n 2428_623426441333_2535_n 2428_623426446323_2829_n

Any trip to the UK would not be completed without the standard phone booth shot.

2428_623426456303_3118_n 2428_623426461293_3408_n 2428_623426481253_4311_n


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