Medieval Salisbury Cathedral is in mysterious Wiltshire, less than ten miles away from Stonehenge.

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Replacing part of the facade. Can you tell?2475_625350505493_777674_n 2475_625350510483_8139267_n 2475_625350525453_370799_n 2475_625350530443_2733600_n 2475_625350535433_4255228_n 2475_625350540423_7569767_n 2475_625350550403_2771115_n 2475_625350555393_6812545_n 2475_625350560383_636701_n 2475_625350565373_1749470_n 2475_625350570363_6188789_n 2475_625350575353_2644797_n 2475_625350590323_7373223_n 2475_625350595313_1992929_n 2475_625350605293_5214830_n 2475_625350610283_2281893_n 2475_625350615273_5271419_n 2475_625350625253_6145796_n 2475_625350630243_2425893_n


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