Tower of London & Tower Bridge

A Historic Royal Palace located on the River Thames and overlooking the Tower Bridge, not to be confused with the London Bridge. The tour guide mentioned William Penn and I almost lost it (yea, Philly!)

2428_623496301333_9148_n 2428_623496311313_9640_n 2428_623496321293_9870_n Our tour guide, the Beef Eater.2428_623496326283_112_n 2428_623496331273_342_n 2428_623496336263_591_n 2428_623496346243_842_n Bloody Tower.2428_623496351233_1082_n 2428_623496366203_1556_n 2428_623496371193_1805_n 2428_623496376183_2062_n 2428_623496381173_2336_n 2428_623496391153_2591_n 2428_623496396143_2843_n Tower Bridge2428_623496401133_3102_n 2428_623496406123_3353_n 2428_623496416103_3605_n Guard protecting the Crown Jewels2428_623496421093_3884_n Roman city wall2428_623496436063_4418_n 2428_623496441053_4692_n 2428_623496446043_4965_n 2428_623496456023_5242_n 2428_623496461013_5527_n 2428_623496466003_5805_n 2428_623496470993_6092_n 2428_623496480973_6374_n 2428_623496485963_6663_n 2428_623496490953_6946_n 2428_623496500933_7235_n 2428_623496510913_7829_n 2428_623496525883_8423_n 2428_623496530873_8733_n 2428_623496540853_9039_n 2428_623496545843_9375_n 2428_623496550833_9687_n 2428_623496560813_9986_n


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