River Thames Cruise

This cruise offers a great way to see the city sites.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge2428_623505088723_7673_n 2428_623505098703_8135_n 2428_623505103693_8359_n 2428_623505113673_8590_n 2428_623505123653_8830_n 2428_623505133633_9082_n 2428_623505143613_9325_n 2428_623505168563_51_nShakespeare’s Globe Theater 2428_623505183533_306_n 2428_623505198503_558_n 2428_623505203493_816_nThe London Eye 2428_623505213473_1072_n 2428_623505218463_1317_n 2428_623505228443_1615_n  2428_623505258383_2893_n 2428_623505263373_3158_n 2428_623505268363_3426_n2428_623505313273_5097_n

Egyptian Statue 2428_623505243413_2614_n Big Ben2428_623505283333_3695_n 2428_623505293313_3970_n 2428_623505303293_4549_n 2428_623505308283_4825_n  2428_623505323253_5378_n


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