London Eye

This giant monster of a ferris wheel is located on the River Thames in South Bank. It stands at 443 feet high and allows for captivating views of London through the tiny, pill capsule enclosures. Each capsule can hold 25 people, where you can sit or stand to take in the ride.

2428_623448557013_5687_n 2428_623448552023_5382_n 2428_623448547033_5075_n 2428_623448542043_4767_n 2428_623448537053_4458_n 2428_623448532063_4161_n 2428_623448507113_2973_n 2428_623448502123_2674_n 2428_623448497133_2386_n 2428_623448492143_2107_n 2428_623448477173_1539_n 2428_623448467193_1261_n 2428_623448457213_982_n 2428_623448447233_710_n 2428_623448437253_431_n 2428_623448422283_9891_n 2428_623448412303_9628_n 2428_623448392343_9357_n 2428_623448387353_9089_n 2428_623448382363_8822_n 2428_623448377373_8565_n 2428_623448367393_8306_n 2428_623448362403_8048_n 2428_623448352423_7795_n 2428_623448342443_7309_n 2428_623448337453_7073_n 2428_623448332463_6832_n 2428_623448317493_6587_n 2428_623448312503_6355_n 2428_623448307513_6104_n 2428_623448297533_5865_n 2428_623448292543_5641_n 2428_623448287553_5405_n 2428_623448277573_5175_n 2428_623448272583_4944_n 2428_623448267593_4718_n 2428_623448262603_4480_n 2428_623448257613_4249_n 2428_623448252623_4021_n

View from River Thames cruise

2428_623505313273_5097_n 2428_623505263373_3158_n 2428_623505258383_2893_n 2428_623505228443_1615_n 2428_623505218463_1317_n 2428_623505213473_1072_n



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