Explored the town, went by University of Cambridge and took a punting tour. The town and university portrayed beautiful, historic architecture along the River Cam.

2428_623438262643_1183_n 2428_623438267633_1408_n

Local farmers market in town. 2428_623438272623_1626_n 2428_623438277613_1840_n 2428_623438282603_2056_n 2428_623438287593_2278_n

Family crest. 2428_623438292583_2508_n 2428_623438297573_2741_n 2428_623438302563_2973_n

Round church. 2428_623438307553_3206_n

English taxis. 2428_623438317533_3685_n

The punting tour was very similar to a gondola tour. We rode in a small, long boat with a tour guide that steered us along the River Cam. Most of the buildings we passed were of the University.

2428_623438322523_3924_n 2428_623438332503_4173_n 2428_623438337493_4407_n 2428_623438342483_4650_n 2428_623438352463_4894_n 2428_623438357453_5145_n 2428_623438362443_5397_n 2428_623438367433_5650_n 2428_623438382403_6163_n 2428_623438387393_6418_n 2428_623438392383_6681_n 2428_623438402363_6936_n 2428_623438407353_7209_n 2428_623438412343_7479_n 2428_623438417333_7751_n 2428_623438432303_8305_n 2428_623438437293_8580_n 2428_623438447273_8851_n 2428_623438452263_9125_n 2428_623438457253_9402_n 2428_623438462243_9678_n 2428_623438467233_9966_n 2428_623438472223_248_n 2428_623438477213_532_n 2428_623438492183_831_n 2428_623438502163_1126_n 2428_623438507153_1417_n 2428_623438512143_1702_n

Here we are floating by King’s College Chapel2428_623438517133_1993_n 2428_623438527113_2291_n 2428_623438547073_3200_n 2428_623438557053_3500_n 2428_623438567033_3803_n 2428_623438572023_4110_n 2428_623438577013_4421_n 2428_623438582003_4731_n


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