You Should Go Here

Whether alone, with a friend or with a group, travel to Australia. Make everyday an adventure, create friendships from around the world, and get outside your comfort zone. Your apprehension and doubt will vanish as you hold your first koala, share a pint with a Kiwi, discover endless beaches, take boundless boat rides, and scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. If you are hesitant, know that the trip is ten times easier than it seems and a thousand times better than expected.

There were several forces and culminating events that led me to partake in a solo journey through Australia. Being so far from home, it only made sense to visit some of Asia as well while I was over there. (If you have the time, do New Zealand, too.) Here they reasons for my travels, in the order they occurred.

  1. I’ve always loved to travel. I always enjoyed trips with my parents and sister growing up. Whether it be our yearly Poconos trip to ski, Jersey shore in the summer or our Disney family vacation, I enjoyed the thrill of enticing adventures outside of Pennsylvania suburbia. My foreign travel itch was peaked when I traveled to Spain with friends from high school over my 16th. Ever since, I’ve been somewhat of a nomad, seeking new towns to check out and scenery to explore.
  2. I had a friend living in Australia and another friend backpacking for the past two years. Brad, a close friend from Temple University, had a full time work commitment in Oz, so he offered a place to stay and to be my own personal tour guide around Sydney. How could I say no? My other friend, Vinnie, whom I’ve known since I was three, made it known how simple and freeing it was to travel there on such a small budget. The pieces seemed to be falling into place.
  3. I was moving across the country, so I had to leave my job. Being intentionally unemployed was a perfect opportunity to not be tied down to any kind of work or commitments. Another great opportunity would be anyone just finishing school.
  4. The Visa options. Easy to apply and easy to both work and travel if you need more money while backpacking. The 462 allows you to find work and travel for a full year. If you’re 18-31 years old, between jobs and/or just finished school, this is a no brainer. Its a perfect time to experience Australia the best way possible.
  5. I needed a break. I was weighed down between four jobs, completing grad school, finishing my Yoga hours and maintaining a social life. I took vacations throughout the year for weddings or trips with friends or my boyfriend, but I was ready for one that lasted more than a week and had no strings or stress attached.
  6. If not now, when?

If budget is a concern, no need to worry.



One thought on “You Should Go Here

  1. I 100% agree – Australia makes it easy for young people from the U.S. with the working holiday visa. Yes, Australia is expensive but you really can do it on a shoestring by being conscious of your budget and making smart choices. If you want to go to a nice bar, drink before with a bottle you purchased from the Bottle-O and you will still be the life of the party and not spend a dime.

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